Anywhere you’d book a speaker, plug in bert & Det!
Boring Lectures Bert & Det live by the mantra: “No more boring lectures” Their edu’tainment-styled programming is guaranteed to engage students while educating them with real gems to not only survive, but thrive in college Bert & Det have toured over 100 colleges nationwide and their virtual programs have cured students from The dreaded zoom fatigue Bert & Det’s signature approach of “hiding the medicine in the candy” has reached over 60,000 students in 40 states They’ve modernized and revolutionized the college speaking world, as they’ve combined hip hop, pop culture, and social media to reach students in the ways they learn best
Bert G is an educator and hip hop artist from Long Island, NY. The “Hip Hop stem guy” is one of the top speakers on removing mental barriers to academic success. He’s been recognized by president Obama for his work with young people. As a tech entrepreneur, he’s collaborated with Google and Facebook in his mission to make tech cool.
Det is an engineer and hip hop artist from Long Island, NY. He lives his message of balancing his day job with his day dreams, as he’s toured the country performing his music all while juggling his career as an award-winning engineer. He’s living proof that one can be smart and look really cool doing it.